Thursday, May 1, 2008

Camino de Karen

A journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step, so I've entitled my first entry as "Camino de Karen", or "Karen's Path". Not super exciting, but it's borrowed from the name of the walking pilgrimage (view map) I plan to take this August across northern Spain called the "Camino de Santiago". Some of you who read my other blogs may wonder why I've started up a new one. Simple as this: this site gives me the power to combine pictures and text in a way not available on my music websites. So, Lord willing, when I get the digital camera my mother so kindly offered to buy for my trip, I'll start clicking and posting away.

I wanted to have a cool little title for my blogspot, but efficiency won out, and I went for good old so as to make contact with me as easy as possible. I feel a bit like I'm sailing off the edge of the earth, so I'm holding on to the hope that the easier it is to digitally find me, the more communication I'll receive.

So, comment away, pass my link on to anyone who might be marginally interested, and join me on my camino.

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